Monday, June 12, 2017

POP#169 Temporal Time Y'all

Dennis Rodman caught the crazy's from Madonna's hoohoo, Princess Diana had a few issues and we hate Piers Morgan!

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Sarah Campeau said...

YOU GUYS, OMG this episode. I wish I was conferenced in on this show!

The Blair witch project was TERRIFYING for me for the EXACT same reason it was terrifying for Kendra and I live in the POLAR OPPOSITE latitude and longitude up here in Quebec Canada!!! So weird, who knew that forest existed down there too.

So, I watch a British soap opera called Coronation street. It is the longest running show in Britain. Guess what story line they featured last month....QUICK SAND!!!!!! I was totally thrilling, would Nick Tillsleigh survive? He was stuck in quick sand and then the tide came up right to his nostrils...I mean COME ONE...that's some brilliant writing ppl.

I had such a thing about quick sand for the longest time because of those damn 70ties shows that as an adult i have obsessively youtubed people sinking in quick sand. IT is a thing! AND they have videos on how to save your ass when you fall in one of these patches. So it could totally happen to you...educmacate yourselves pronto.

Why is it that quicksand also reminds me of mandoggas waxed nether regions...hmmmm